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deployment: Signature, timestamp & Secure Data Storage
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Blockchain and Trusted Third party

Every project based upon trust involves the implementation of the most appropriate technologies available. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to recommend the necessary solution for the issues attached to your project, from mere document certification to the management of a complex chain of trust.

Legalization and compliance of information flows

In a legal and regulatory environment ever more demanding, we provide solutions to meet your compliance issues.

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Transmission et sécurité des donnée sensibles

Sensitive data management

Sensitive data management (personal and financial data, business secrets, etc.) has become a strategic issue for companies. Our solutions cover the four key criteria regarding data: confidentiality, sustainability, integrity and traceability.

A simple and modular integration

According to your need, we are able to deploy quickly data legalization services that are based on centralized services or on consensus (blockchain).

Our services are available via RESTful APIs that allow an easy integration into your IT system.

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