Vaultinum (formerly CELOG) has been protecting your innovations and investments since 1976.
We provide a range of tools from digital or physical repository, through escrow and timestamping to complete source code analysis.

Secure your file transfer  enables you to transfer large files with :

  • acknowledgement of receipt
  • encryption
  • unlimited file
  • timestamping of
    • file shipment
    • file reception
    • file reading

Value IP
Protect Digital Assets

Depositing a digital asset with a trusted third party will help you to prove your and your co-owner’s effective rights and enable you to make claims or defend claims easily.

Vaultinum’s tool suite has helped many companies to establish both ownership of their creations and win litigations.

Digital deposits also help increase the value of digital assets because they:

  • Make ownership rights clearer,
  • Safeguard original assets with a trusted third party, and
  • Help manage digital assets and keep track of updates.

With Vaultinum you can perform a digital deposit or make a physical deposit in any format as soon as you have a new or updated creation. This process will protect you from data theft, copyright infringements and third-party IP claims. Vaultinum provides advanced functions such as native encryption, deposit with certified time-stamping, a comprehensive dashboard, versioning functions and large volume of data handling.

For clients who make numerous deposits and have multiple users with different user rights, Vaultinum offers a corporate version of the platform.