Vaultinum (formerly CELOG) has been protecting your innovations and investments since 1976.
We provide a range of tools from digital or physical probationnary deposit, through escrow agreeement and timestamping.

Value IP
Protect Digital Assets

Depositing a digital asset with a trusted third party will help you to prove your and your co-owner’s effective rights and enable you to make claims or defend claims easily.

Vaultinum’s tool suite has helped many companies to establish both ownership of their creations and win litigations.

Digital deposits also help increase the value of digital assets because they:

  • Make ownership rights clearer,
  • Safeguard original assets with a trusted third party, and
  • Help manage digital assets and keep track of updates.

With Vaultinum you can perform a digital deposit or make a physical deposit in any format as soon as you have a new or updated creation. This process will protect you from data theft, copyright infringements and third-party IP claims. Vaultinum provides advanced functions such as native encryption, deposit with certified time-stamping, a comprehensive dashboard, versioning functions and large volume of data handling.

For clients who make numerous deposits and have multiple users with different user rights, Vaultinum offers an corporate version of the platform.


Prove GDPR compliance


Prove GDPR compliance
GDPR imposes a number of rules to process personal data.

  • As all websites now collect personal data through the use of cookies, user consent is required. But what if a user contests giving consent? Or questions the level of consent given?
  • Job applicants send their CVs to potential employers and GDPR imposes on potential employers to destroy these after a time especially for candidates who are turned down. How do employers manage these deletions? How do they prove that they have destroyed this data when they should have?

Vaultinum offers you the tools through its API to time stamp consents and securely archive them. It also enables you connect your system via an API to ensure that retention period deadlines are met.

Vaultinum is your the trusted third party enabling you to prove GDPR compliance.

Please, contact us to get more information.

Insure yourself against a potential failure of a supplier
by setting up an escrow agreement to secure your continuity plan

An escrow agreement involves a software supplier entrusting a third party escrow like Vaultinum with essential elements of its product or services (source code, database, know-how..). The objective is to provide a customer or a partner with the possibility of accessing these elements in specific cases defined in the agreement, often related to the failure of the supplier, or change of ownership etc..

The Escrow agreement can be bi-partite (between the beneficiary and the supplier) or tripartite (with Vaultinum involved in order to guarantee the delivery of the elements mentioned in the agreement to the beneficiary.

With Vaultinum, escrowed contents are encrypted and archived in a certified protected data center in Swizterland.

The purpose for the supplier is to guarantee to its customer, often a tier one client, its business continuity in case of failure. The purpose is to reassure the client and secure a deal, and open doors to bigger markets.

The objective for the beneficiary is to access the source code or any essential element, depending on the terms of the agreement (bankruptcy, change of CEO, change of ownership). More and more tier one firms have recourse to the escrow agreement to secure the maintenance and the continuity of critical software.

Prove actions and events with an unforgeable TIME STAMP


With the acceleration of documents digitalization and the constant increase of digital assets, together with the risks of digital tempering, proving the integrity of a digital document or asset may be difficult or even impossible. This could apply to conflagration, accidents or any documents that need to be recorded with a certified time.

This is where time stamping comes in. Certified time stamping and secured archiving can effectively ensure that when a digital document is created it becomes the equivalent of an original paper document. Time stamped documents or copies held by you or third parties can be compared for integrity to the certified time stamped original archived with Vaultinum.

Invoices, signed contracts, medical notes, pricing information, charts, shares values, measures, designs, collaborative work effort, strategic documents, personal data notes, can all be certified timestamped and securely archived through Vaultinum’s dedicated API created to manage millions of certified timestamps a day.