Legal Processes As Service (LPAS)

The implementation of a legal data management solution is often complex and time-consuming. In addition, there is a changing legal and regulatory environment. In this context, our solutions provide an immediate and simple response to your compliance needs.

Two distribution modes


The CELOG API is organized around REST. It provides interoperability and a standard and multiplatform approach.

The ease of integration allows you to set up services quickly and fully integrated into your information system.

This approach makes it possible to delegate and avoid the necessary updates in the event of a change in the legal or regulatory environment.

Virtual machine

In case of specific needs, it is possible to install the entire solution within the customer’s information system.

Nos solutions logicielles d'hébergement
Veille technologique

Interoperability with other trusted systems

Our solutions focus on key aspects: confidentiality, sustainability, integrity and traceability. By their distribution mode, it is perfectly possible to integrate them into other trusted solutions such as private or consortium blockchains.