Private equity

Vaultinum has been protecting your innovations and investments since 1976.
We provide a range of tools from digital or physical repository, through escrow agreement and timestamping.
We are able to provide self certified assessment (KYS and RGPD) and due diligence technological audit (code source verification)

KYS (Know Your Software)

As a private equity venture capitalist or investment manager, you need to perform due diligence. Technical due diligence are more and more essential considering the target company, financial, legal due diligence may not be enough to secure the invention.

Due technology ought to analyse the risks related to intellectual property, the strat security of the source code and the Saas environnment and the maintainability of the code.

KYS (Know Your Software) is first and foremost an online self-certification tool which reassures the investor and establishes an accurate inventory of the software and technology health associated with the target company.

KYS full Audit goes further and offers, through a scanning and source code analysis tool, a complete report on the risks linked to, intellectual property, security of the source code and its vulnerabilities, particularly related to open source, maintainability and scalability of the software. This audit provides a precise inventory of the technological asset of the company either to its managers or to third parties wishing to invest in a company.

It also brings the necessary awareness to define improvement action plans and offers recommandations.

As a certified third party specialist, Vaultinum offer KYS and KYS full audit. Please, contact us to get more information.

Insure yourself against a potential failure of a supplier by setting up an escrow agreement to secure your continuity plan

An escrow agreement involves a software supplier entrusting a third party escrow like Vaultinum with essential elements of its product or services (source code, database, know-how..). The objective is to provide a customer or a partner with the possibility of accessing these elements in specific cases defined in the agreement, often related to the failure of the supplier, or change of ownership etc..

The Escrow agreement can be bi-partite (between the beneficiary and the supplier) or tripartite (with Vaultinum involved in order to guarantee the delivery of the elements mentioned in the agreement to the beneficiary.

With Vaultinum, escrowed contents are encrypted and archived in a certified protected data center in Swizterland.

The purpose for the supplier is to guarantee to its customer, often a tier one client, its business continuity in case of failure. The purpose is to reassure the client and secure a deal, and open doors to bigger markets.

The objective for the beneficiary is to access the source code or any essential element, depending on the terms of the agreement (bankruptcy, change of CEO, change of ownership). More and more tier one firms have recourse to the escrow agreement to secure the maintenance and the continuity of critical software.