Our solutions provide the essential components of a forensic IT system. Easily integrated into your architecture, they provide the essential building blocks for building trust systems.

Hosting and interoperability with other trust systems

Our trust solutions, whether using consortium blockchains or qualified trusted third parties, are easily integrated. Find out more about our approach to Legal Processes As Service (LPAS).

Transmission et sécurité des données sensibles

CLG Management File Transfer meets the needs of sensitive data management within organizations. It allows the transmission of all types of documents regardless of their nature and size (text, audio, video).

  • Encryption of data transmitted internally or to the company’s partners
  • Centralization of encryption key management
  • Traceability of operations (audit trail) for the probatory storage of events
  • Legalization of information flows and proofs of issuance
Transmission et sécurité des donnée sensibles
Archiv&age & conservation numérique

Archiving & Storage

Short, medium or long-term archiving of data is one of the essential elements of a proof storage system.

CLG Data Archive can meet most market needs, both in terms of data type (banking, medical, scientific, etc.) and to meet the specific requirements of regulated sectors.

  • Native archive encryption
  • Access management
  • Multi-providers

Traceability of information flows

The storage of traces is one of the essential elements of a legal system of proof.

CLG Audit Management provides the following services:

  • Long-term storage of events
  • Immutability of trace files thanks to cryptographic chaining
  • Confidentiality of traces
  • Access management
La traçabilité des flux d'informations
La protection de données en Europe

Compliant and legal solutions

Our solutions are perfectly integrated into compliance projects framework:

  • RGS Compliance (General Regulations of Security)
  • Accreditation for health data hosting, SIAF and compliance with the NZ42-013 standard
  • Hosting compliant to ISO 27001 standard
  • Third party PSCO-certified timestamp
  • Specific audit of the code and of cryptographic mechanisms by a provider approved by ANSSI